Research, Analysis and Writing


history presented with your audience in mind

In this information age, historical archives and resources are more accessible than ever. Fascinating explorations of the distant or recent past can begin simply by typing keywords into a search engine and clicking a mouse. Yet, on the worldwide web –as in popular perception– myths and legends abound. Filtering through data, recognizing credible sources, analyzing materials, and placing information in context poses significant challenge. Corcoran Historical Consulting provides research, analysis and writing services to tackle such obstacles.

  • Research accessing local, regional, and national archives, reviewing in-house documents and organizing your collections, recording oral interviews
  • Analysis answering historical questions, identifying trends and patterns, articulating impact, broadening understanding, supporting organizational objectives
  • Writing book length publications, content for website “history” pages, narratives for organizational literature, reports for internal use

Combining research and analysis, we write with your audience in mind. Full versions of the sample publications below are available upon request to potential clients. Please also review our blog for examples of writing styles.

Click on these publications to see examples of our work.

Full versions are available upon request.

Please also review our blog for examples of writing styles.


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